About the Conference

Over the course of the conference’s two days, attendees will take stock of the pandemic’s effects on primary care and see the responses that are bright spots on the landscape. The conference will explore these questions:

  • How do we rebuild primary care better?
  • What payment reforms do we need?
  • How will our country be closing inequities in health care and other areas, and how can primary care play a leading role in addressing them?

Stay Online for the Whole Experience

You are encouraged to attend all parts of the conference, which is being designed with “Zoom fatigue” in mind. There will be different types of sessions, ranging from keynote addresses to panel discussions and fireside chats. Online networking with other attendees and sponsors and lunch breaks will be scattered throughout the schedule. Attending all parts will enable you to participate in the full narrative arc of the conference that is being carefully developed. While a wide range of topics will be covered, they are often interrelated as critical issues in primary care, and sessions will build upon each other, with the goal of drawing attendees toward conclusions by the end of the two days.

See the agenda.

Program highlights:

  • A keynote speaker will show how COVID-19 has laid bare the vulnerabilities of primary care and deep inequities in society and health care — and how to move forward.
  • A diverse panel of patients will address primary care needs and preferences during and beyond the pandemic, including those related to telehealth, access and convenience, depth of clinician-patient relationships, and more.
  • A session on how primary care successfully pivoted in the pandemic and where it fell short
  • A session on primary care after the November election
  • A session on telehealth
  • A session on how primary care and public health can come together for pandemic preparedness

PCC’s Annual Awards

A tradition of the PCC’s annual in-person conferences has been the evening banquet and awards ceremony to recognize outstanding work in primary care by individuals and organizations. While we can’t experience this favorite part of the conference in person this year, we will still take time in a festive way to honor the recipients of the PCC’s three awards in awards ceremonies during the conference.

The conference’s objectives are:

  • Educate: Gain a deeper understanding about how primary care is changing — due to COVID-19, market forces, and policy — and the effects on patients, particularly those of color, and clinicians.
  • Inspire: Learn from primary care innovators who have demonstrated success in strengthening primary care, enhancing its value, and making it more responsive to patient needs/preferences.
  • Unite: Building working partnerships and a shared vision across diverse sectors about how to address primary care challenges, including addressing health inequities

Who Should Attend?

The conference is for:

  • People working in the areas of:

o   Advocacy and public policy

o   Employer/purchaser policies

o   Patient and family engagement

o   Practice transformation

o   Research

  • PCC Executive Members
  • Members of the broader PCC community
  • Beltway insiders
  • Staff at local practices
  • Clinicians
  • Students
  • CEOs, directors and managers
  • Employees at government agencies
  • You, no matter how you live out your passion for primary care