Award Nomination

At this year’s Barbara Starfield Awards Dinner — immediately following the PCPCC Annual Conference — we will recognize distinguished leaders and innovators of primary care who have helped shape the field.

The Nomination Process

Any current Executive Member of the PCPCC can submit nominations. Self-nominations will also be accepted, and all nominations will be confidential. Nominations will be forwarded to the PCPCC Board of Directors.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for submission of completed applications is September 6, 2019.

Three Awards

The Barbara Starfield Primary Care Leadership Award
PCPCC established the Barbara Starfield Primary Care Leadership Award in 2012 to honor Dr. Starfield, recognizing her enduring commitment to the philosophy that all individuals should receive comprehensive, coordinated, and person-focused care. The award is presented annually to an individual that demonstrates exceptional work toward advancing the goals of primary care and, in particular, a strong commitment to person-focused care. 

The Primary Care Community Leadership/Research Award
This award is presented to an outstanding individual that has demonstrated remarkable leadership and/or research to ensure that primary care is foundational to community or state health care reform efforts. 

The Advanced Primary Care Practice Award
This award is presented to an organization that is an extraordinary primary care practice. This practice serves as a model for transformation through innovation as reflected in the 2017 Shared Principles, including patient and family centered, team-based care and high value. This award was established in 2017.