Patient, Family and Clinician Partners Training Scholarships

The PCPCC Support & Alignment Network (SAN) is offering scholarships for patient advisors and their clinician partners to attend our 2016 PCPCC Annual Conference and participate in a special training around patient & family engagement in practice transformation.

This is a perfect opportunity for patient advisors to work directly with their clinician partner to develop effective strategies for quality improvement/care redesign in their practice/health care setting! We particularly encourage PTN-enrolled clinicians and their patient partners to take advantage of this opportunity while working towards the achievement of TCPI Patient and Family Engagement goals!

Scholarship funds will cover conference registration and/or support for travel, based on need.



Currently a patient and family advisor or patient partner working in a primary care, specialty, or ambulatory setting.


A clinician serving on a Patient and Family Advisory Council or Quality Improvement Committee (with patients as members) at their practice.

Can I still apply if I don’t come with my patient/clinician partner?

– Patient and family advisors may apply without the accompaniment of their clinician partner.
– Clinicians may apply without the accompaniment of their patient advisor.
*Although patient advisors and clinician partners are eligible to apply individually, funding priority will be given to patient advisors and clinicians who attend the training as a pair.

One application can be completed on behalf of an entire team. If there is more than one patient advisor or clinician partner from your clinic/practice interested in receiving a scholarship, please include their information on the same application.

Apply here!

Deadline: Thursday, October 13, 2016. Scholarship awardees will be contacted by Monday, October 17, 2016.

Find additional information about the patient, family, and clinician partner training at the PCPCC’s Annual Fall Conference hereQuestions? Contact Jacinta Smith at [email protected].