Connection Sessions & PCC Discussion Groups

Connection Sessions & PCC Discussion Groups

30 Nov 2020
2:30 pm-3:00 pm ET

Connection Session Topic and Moderator:

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Implementing High-Quality Primary Care

This Connection Session is designed to inform attendees about the Implementing High Quality Primary Care report of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine consensus committee and to prepare attendees for its release in 2021. The committee is examining the current state of primary care in the United States and developing an implementation plan to build upon the recommendations from the 1996 IOM report, “Primary Care: America’s Health in a New Era.” The committee’s recommendations and implementation plan aims to strengthen primary care services, especially for underserved populations. The committee’s 21 members represent many facets of the primary care team, and the 18 study sponsors consist of many primary care organizations, philanthropies, and federal agencies.

Presented by:

Robert L. Phillips Jr., MD, MSPH
Executive Director, The Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Care; and Co-chair of NASEM Committee

PCC Discussion Group Topics and Moderators:

Role of Primary Care in Addressing Health Inequities

  • Louise Cohen, Primary Care Development Corporation
  • Sarah Coombs, National Partnership for Women & Families

How Primary Care Practices Survive & Thrive During the Pandemic

  • Russ Phillips, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
  • Ewa Matuszewski, MedNetOne

Next Steps for Primary Care Payment

  • Allan Goroll, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Shari Erickson, American College of Physicians