Pay for What We Want: Better Health

Pay for What We Want: Better Health

14 Dec 2022
2:15 pm - 3:05 pm

NASEM has recommended investing more in primary care through hybrid payment models. This panel will consider lessons learned from CMMI models, highlight how public/private payers and purchasers are taking up the NASEM recommendations, and how equity is being considered as they do.


California Advanced Primary Care Initiative

California Advanced Primary Care Initiative- MOU



Pay for What We Want: Better Health


Crystal Eubanks

Vice President, Care Transformation

Ryan Schwarz, MD, MBA

Chief of the Office of Payment and Care Delivery Innovation, MassHealth

Nate Murray, MBA

Founder, Crossover Health

Doug Jacobs, MD, MPH

Chief Transformation Officer in the Center for Medicare, CMS

Mai Pham, MD, MPH (Moderator)

Founder and President, Institute for Exceptional Care