Caitlin Barba

Practice Administrator, Westminster Medical Clinic

Caitlin Barba

Practice Administrator, Westminster Medical Clinic


Caitlin Barba is the Practice Administrator at Westminster Medical Clinic, an independently owned, family medicine practice in suburban Colorado. Her role includes practice strategy, implementation and operational management, financial management, grant writing, and co-leading the Patient Advisory Council.

Caitlin has been in her role at Westminster Medical Clinic for over 11 years. Current initiatives to improve care and services at the practice include improving provider-staff wellbeing, implementing Serious Illness Conversations, new services to support those living with cancer or have had a past diagnosis, integrating pharmacy-led services, personalizing cardiovascular care treatment and prevention, and promoting goal-oriented care with an assessment called The Patient Profile. In the May/June 2018 publication of the Annals of Family Medicine, Caitlin co-authored a brief introduction to The Patient Profile and how the practice approaches care planning, treatment adherence, and clinical outcomes. Earlier this year, Caitlin co-authored two chapters in a Springer publication called Integrating Behavioral Health in Primary Care – Your Patients are Waiting.

Caitlin also serves as Executive Director of Colorado Center for Primary Care Innovation. Caitlin is responsible for co-leading 8 advanced, family medicine practice named Aspen Renaissance Transformation Team (ART2). This year, the ART2 practices began an initiative called The Colorado Loneliness Project.

Caitlin hopes to influence health, wellbeing, and healthcare by challenging and innovating what seems impossible, creating the possible. She received a Master’s in Public Health from the Colorado School of Public Health and a dual-Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Biology from the University of Denver.

Caitlin has three loves outside of serving in her roles. Caitlin met her husband, Justin of 12 years, in college and they have two sweet daughters, Sydney (6) and Hallie (4).

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