Jordan Siebert

Patient Advisor

Jordan Siebert

Patient Advisor


Jordan Siebert is a peer recovery specialist working mainly with MAT participants, and people in the community who are interested in recovery from substance use, and mental health issues.  She, herself, is a person in recovery on medication assisted treatment.  Jordan struggled with mental health issues at a very young age and started using substances before she was a teenager.

In February of 2016 she was ready to call it quits on EVERYTHING.  She was a desperate shell of a person.  Living on the streets, it’s really difficult to stop using.  She struggled to find any housing, and then to find a way to start her recovery.

She came into the Daily Planet Health Services, and the local csb to find tools to help the struggle.  She was directed to another MAT program and decided that she might as well try it since she had never been able to have sustained sobriety before.  With the help of these organizations, and a community of people already in recovery, she was able to put one foot in front of the other.  She found those people who were willing to love her when she could not love herself.

Jordan now tries to pass on her experience, and in that her recovery grows every day.  She is fond of saying that the moment she says, “I’ve got this”, it would be time to worry.  This is a daily struggle, and she tries to support every peer who comes through those doors, to meet them where they are.

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